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How did you buy your bike?

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Did you walk into a dealer? Did you surf the net looking for used bikes? Did you surf auction sites like ebay or others?

I for one stopped by the local dealer to check out pricing, looks up close (had only seen them as they passed by) then began to research on the net (honda site) the options. Once I had an idea of what I was looking for I then called several dealers for their prices. Not sure what prompted me to check out the online auction site ebay, but I am glad I did. I saw their prices were a couple thousand $$ cheaper than anyone I had called. I sent that dealer an email personally and got a positive reply (same thing as the online price). I then made the phone call talked with the guy "in person". I called my bank, lined up a loan and payment schedule. I placed the order over the phone with that dealer using a cc to give the upfront down payment. It wasn't until delivery that I actually met the salesman. That dealer was about 2 hrs away. Not in my normal direction at all of places to go. I fully was expecting for a last minute change in pricing and was prepared to stop the delaings in the event that happened. Even though I had a check from the bank to deliver to them. No suprises. It was all too easy and I feel I saved a decent chunk of change.

How did you buy your bike? What would you change in buying your next one?
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Private seller on Ebay, came with trailer, 2 helmets, 2 leather jackets, & 2 sets of chaps!!!!!!!!:excited::excited:
I looked at e-Bay prices. Sent out many e-mails to Honda dealers and made a few phone calls. In the end, there was one dealer in Columbia, SC that beat all other prices and was only $129 above the target price I wanted to pay. It only took one e-mail to this dealer to get that price guarantee. They even picked me up at the local airport. It doesn't get any easier than that.
The wife & I went to the dealer just to "look"....I've always wanted a Wing....We had a sport bike at the time, & the wife just couldn't hang for more than an hour or so....(Needed a butt-ectomy after an hour:wrong:). Well the last time we went to the dealer they did not have a Titanium model.....on this day they just got one in....I asked the salesman if it was sold...he said not yet....I said run my credit...the wife said get it! The jaws of other customers dropped & said "does she have a sister?":lol: We put 8 grand down & we rode it out the door w/ the extended warranty & a couple of shirts for 22 grand a few hours later....We got the 4.9% financing. They only offered me 3 grand for the sport I sold it for close to 5 grand 2 weeks later.:thumbup:

I was very happy with my dealer & the deal we got!


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First a little background. For 20 yrs I lived about a mile from the local
Forest Grove Honda dealer in Oregon and had become good friends with the owners.

In the fall of 2004 my wife and I moved to Harrisburg, PA. in the summer
of 2005 I decided it was time for a new bike and it would be a new wing.
Went to the local dealers to check them out and waited to find out what
if anything was new for 06. As soon as I found out what was offered for 06
I placed my order with my friend. That was Sept 05. I flew out to Or. in May of
06 and had a great cross county ride home.

And yes I would do it again.
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Wish I could say I got a great deal, but I didn't. Made the mistake of taking my wife into the store. We were riding a VTX1300 with a 2 up corbin seat. She sat on the wing and loudly proclaimed, "WE NEED THIS BIKE". Doomed from the start. That said, I have to agree with her.
February 2005: Tried to support my local dealer first. Knew what I wanted (2005 ABS model in blue)... and to my local guy's credit, he tried to get one for me. But there was only 1 on the east coast, and the dealer that had it in NJ wouldn't part with it via the dealer swap network they have setup here.

So I called the dealer in NJ to see what kind of deal we could make. After the 5th time I asked him what his out-the-door price was, and began to hang up the phone... he finally said: "Well, you know what the list is... and since there's some demand on this bike, I can't take less than $2,000 over that."

I promptly told him what he could do with his bike, and hung up.

I then began looking elsewhere... and after lots of calls to Honda dealerships all over the country, found a dealer in Kansas who had the bike I wanted... and his price was about $2,500 less than the list price.

As it was wintertime, and I couldn't get the needed time off work to fly out there & ride the bike back anyway... I had to set up my own shipping. It cost me about $600 to ship the bike here, but even with that I made out better than I would have dealing with that jackass in NJ.
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I researched Wings for several years before having the funds to make the purchase. Last April I bought my Wing.

Via Honda's website, I emailed every Honda dealer in Arizona within 200 miles of my Tucson home. I specified exactly what I was looking for and then waited for the replies. Only two dealers responded, both in Scottsdale, with fantastic offers ($4000 off msrp). None of the 3 Honda dealers in Tucson bothered to reply to my email...their loss. In an attempt to be somewhat fair to Arizona Honda in Tucson, where I bought my first bike, I made a call and was told they couldn't beat the Scottsdale price and to go to Scottsdale to buy my bike. And I did. I bought my Wing in Scottsdale from Western Honda and saved $1500 over what I would have been charged in Tucson. Just shows you gotta shop around.
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In 2005 paid 1/2 down put on three year loan,paid off finally. Used dealer locally who I have purchased about 5 bikes from. He was not the lowest but if I want something done to my bike I get a deal and pushed to the front of the line.

Next bike may be from a volume dealer though. Money is money
Found it on Ebay, and then made the deal on the phone.
I had a 1996 SE that had a couple of mechanical issues that I didn't want to pass on to someone else, so trading was my first option. I had no intentions of buying an 1800, but my buddy wanted to go look for a new helmet. While he was looking, a salesman drifted over and started talking about the newer models, then started playing with numbers, told me to take mine home and strip off every accessory, then come back and pick up a new 1800. I bought mine in July 05, and my buddy still hasn't bought a helmet. I didn't get the best deal, but the dealer was aware of the issues.(Cleared my conscience):lol::lol:
I called Sunrise Honda in Searcy, Arkansas and told them I wanted a 2006 White GL1800 with standard premium sound, CB radio, and a rear spoiler. One day later I went there and rod it home 286 miles.
Stopped at dealer, looked , rode , went to another dealer and bought mine.:)
Impulse buy for me. After I rode one no further research was desired.
Got three quotes and went with the lowest.........
Wasn't looking for a new bike as I had a 1998Valk Tourer with about 11,000. I made the mistake of stopping in one day in 04 and just for kicks asked dealer what he would trade mine in on a new 03 for. After about 2 weeks went back and asked what his lowest out the door price would be. He made a offer and I made the mistake of ridding the 03. I then knew I had to have it. But was able to go home and resit buying it for another week. But in the end, I had to have it. So financed the balance with Honda America and rode it home. This was from the same dealer I had bought the 98 Valk in 2000 from. He is located about 5 miles from home and wanted to buy local. Ending up paying about 750 more for what I thought was a benefit of buying local, that was another mistake.

Got the list price. Searched the Internet for both new and used. Went to local dealers, their prices on new weren't bad, their prices on used (short supply) were ridiculous.

Found, in a club newsletter on the Net, a used bike at a more than reasonable price, 20 miles away. Rode the BMW up there, the low mileage bike looked showroom fresh, the guy was an engineer who'd been compulsive about taking care of it. Couldn't ride any more for medical reasons.

I paid his asking price cheerfully, trying to knock $500 off seemed silly, given that it was by far the best deal I'd seen. In the year since, I've had no reason to regret the decision.

My Dad passed away and left me his 97SE 1500, and that got me hooked. My son told me to stay away from the 1800's and I would be happy. I did not listen. I found out the dealer he worked for had a 01 Illusion Red with 35,000 miles on it. Dealer made me a deal I just could not turn down and 20,000 miles later I am still smiling. My son rides the 1500 now.
My mother died and left a small inheritance. My wife got a new kitchen and i bought a 1985 aspencade by looking through the local newspaper. Took one look at it and bought it.

I started pineing for an 1800 and the wife said the 1200 has to go first. so sold it and started looking. I was prepared to buy one in canada but the place had 3 goldwings for sale. a black a red and a white. i wanted the black but he said there was a wait list of 2 others on it. said i wanted the red and he said the second one waiting for the black had first dibs on the red. I didnot want the white one, too thrashed looking so i looked in cycle trader and found one in the US. The irony of that was when i was down in the Us buying my bike the dealer called and advised that the deal on the black wing fell through on both guys and the dealer called me to tell me that the bike was mine. My wife laughed and advised that i was down in the US buying a bike for cheaper than what he was selling his for. Was on this web site for a long time and then DADDO gave a blow by blow description on bringing a bike up to Canada. IT was so easy, so i found a bike that i was interested on this site and started asking a lot of question, and got my name smeared all over the place. After a few email exchanges with the seller all was forgiven and straightened out due to some mis understandings.

Needless to say i found a bike in Oregon and being a member of GWRRA i called someone in the book near the place where the guy was selling it and had him go look. he said it was a fine bike, and after many calls and deposits of money i amtracked to his town, signed the papers and took two days to drive home and never had a problem since. no recalls nothing but farkles, gas and oil. I am extremely satisfied with the bike, so is the wife and she is now an avid rider.
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