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how do the arrive at storage of 150 litres?

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Please bear with me. I'm looking at buying an F6B or a Goldwing in the next week. The storage capacity is a factor in the decision process.

The Honda website says the F6B has 2 bags with a capacity of 11 litres each for a total of 22 litres. It says the Goldwing has a capacity of 150 litres including the fairing pockets at 2.8 litres.

If you have done any backpacking you know that 150 litres is a LOT of storage.

I can't figure out where the full Goldwing has an additional 128 litres. The trunk is isn't as large as the Givi 51 litre trunk I had on my last bike.

I looked up the specs for the Kuryakyn bags that go in to the saddlebags and the trunk. The volume comes out to be 20 litres per saddlebag and 45 litres for the trunk for a total of 85 litres.

Where is the extra 65 litres of storage?
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I can't figure out where the full Goldwing has an additional 128 litres.
Saddle bags, top case and various cubbies. The top case is closer to 60 liters. It is HUGE compared to my 42 liter Givi box and larger than a Givi 51 box.
Instead of worrying about how they got the size. Buy bags that fit in the space and buy ones that leave a little cramming space for just have to take along stuff. I went to a Walmart and they let me take few bags out and see how they fit. Bought three bags for 10 dollars each and they work fine. Don't have to do any calculating just fill the bags and put the bags in the storage, That way I spent more time enjoying riding and less time worrying about space size. When I unload the bike at a motel, other travelers are amazed at what all I pull off the bike and put on one of those carts. There is an old saying, 1st rule: you don't fret the small stuff and 2nd rule: all things are small stuff
If you need temporary extra storage, CREATE it. Then when just riding around back to the streamlined.


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IMHO, it's gonna boil down to how you plan to use the bike the most.
If you're gonna be 2-up and extended long-distance touring, to me, it's a no-brainer: the GW by all means.
If you're 1-up most of the time, or just 2-up weekend trips, like Felloverboard says: create it.
We actually have both: an F6B and a GW trike. We use the trike for our extended long-distance touring, pulling a trailer, etc.
But we love the F6 for our day and weekend trips. Both are great bikes with slightly different slants on usage.
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The stated saddlebag capacity on Honda's website is WRONG.

If I remember correctly the Wing's saddlebags are in the 40L range.

I know the specs on my Triumph Trophy SE state 31L bags, in comparison the Wing is larger. The FJR is also in the 30liter range.
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