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How does one change the rear pockets (shortcuts)???

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I am having to change out the rear pockets on a 03 wing. The ones that I am putting on have the holes in it for the armrest. Is there are shortcuts to do this procedure??

I have looked in the manual and can not seem to find it anywhere? Any clues would be helpful.
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I would just put a plastic plug in the hole.
Maybe I didnt explain it well. I am changing out the OEM (no holes) version for ones that already have them drilled. I am going to install the armrest after I install the pockets.

I went out to look and it looks like the 4 screws holding the pocket are accessible thru the trunk.

We will see.
Take the 4 screws in the trunk out for each pocket and they will come right off.

Steve, Place masking tape on top --(under the pocket)-- of the saddle

to lessen the chance of leaving a scrach. :oops: :shock:
Well it was not too bad of a job to change out the OEM pockets for ones that had the holes drilled into them. The first pocket took a little more time as I thought I didnt have the right 4 screws removed. And learned you have to move it around a little more than I would like to remove. But it wasnt too bad. Installing back in took a little patience, but now I am an expert on this process. :eek:4: Yea right, until next time.

I installed the Kury armrest with no issues. It did help to have the holes already drilled. I never like making new holes as I do not think I am going to have it right. But they went right on and look good.

Total time about 2 hours and 15 minutes to change the pockets and install the armrest. Not too bad. :thumbup:
What did you do with the non drilled pockets? Wanna sell them?
He does not want to sell them. I wanted to check with him before I spoke. He wants to keep them just in case he does not want the armrest anymore.
So the arm rests come with new pockets?
So the arm rests come with new pockets?
My brother brought this from someone on this board that had removed the ones with holes and replaced them with new OEM ones. So when he sold the armrest, he threw in the old ones to go with it.

Now all he needs is a new left door. I tried to fix the mickey mouse gears they have to work the door. But one of the pins that hold them in place was broken off. So I told him we will order another one for him.
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