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How heavy

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I am shopping around for a trailer for my 03 wing looked at a the one i liked it has a tare weight of 150 kg 13 inch wheels and suspension can be used on the car also So if you add another say 50 kg for gear thats 200kg about 440 pounds is this a lot of weigt to tow for the wing how heavy can the wing safely tow i never towed before

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That is plenty heavy to tow behind the wing. It will pull it, but having an added approx 500 pounds behind will extend the stopping distance if push ever comes to shove. Personally, I would look for one a little lighter. About 450 pounds loaded is what my folding camper trailer weight, and it is plenty behind a two wheel wing, a piece of cake behind the trike. But a trike has a whole lot more brakes - and tires, for that matter.
I bought the Large Americas Best Diamondplate trailer. Only 190 lbs empty. I have towed it with our vehicle as well. Very well made and no matter what color vehicle I have it always looks good back there.

Here is a pic with my old bike.
buy American
Sofa? He is Australian. So for him it would be buy Australian...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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