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Get 16' from a wall. I should also say that these instructions apply to all 5th gens, but more specifically if the Wing has OEM tire sizes with OEM suspension. Be sure your tires are aired correctly. I'm also assuming that your headlamps are still at their OEM manual setting from the factory.
  • center stand the Wing
  • air your tires
  • set the up/down headlamp switch to it's lowest setting
  • turn on the low beams
  • do something to block the light from one of the beams (towel, cardboard with tape)
  • see the main part of the beam hitting the wall ??? Notice that there is a top and bottom to the main part of the headlamp beam, and the beam is maybe 9" thick ??? Now adjust the top of the beam down to where the bottom was.
  • match the other side's beam to what you just did
Certainly the response you get from oncoming cars is important, and so is your lighting. But here is the real goal. When riding in a group at night, the rider in front of you should not be annoyed by a set of bright lights behind him blasting in his mirrors. The annoyance should not cause him to be overly looking into his mirrors when he should be more focused on what is in front of him. The rider with LEDs should be able to lower his headlamps by changing his headlamps hi/low switch position to avoid that annoyance. Let's consider this the lowest headlamp adjustment goal. Keep in mine that this goal also applies when fully loaded, when towing, and having a co-rider. Using our headlamp hi/low switch, we can always adjust up from there.

Prior to test riding, be sure to set your suspension at its lowest setting too. With the headlamp switch sitting in it low position, now test ride and see what traffic does. If happy with that, now reset your suspension and raise the headlamp setting as needed. You should have plenty of "up" with the headlamps manual adjusted as described above.

The Wing I took pictures of below, must have had his headlamps adjusted very high. I've since lowered them again. Once I've adjusted a complete beam thickness, if add'l adjustments are made, I then adjust 1/2 the beam thickness.

The numbers represent the garage for rib count.

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