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How long to idle to charge battery?

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How long do I need to idle the bike to charge the battery when not riding it for a couple of weeks? I try to ride all year in Colorado but there are some weeks when it is just colder than I want to ride. This morning I wheeled the Canyon Dancer out of the garage door and let it idle for about 10 minutes then shut if off and rolled it back in the garage. Am I using more battery to start it than I am putting back in with the idling? I have a battery tender (Schumacher) but am using it on my classic car right now.
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I have a digital volt meter on my bike,When I fire it up the meter reads 12.5-12.9 then you can hear the Alt kick in and see the meter start climbing to 14.4-14.9 and then settle down at it warms up while I get my gear on..

But as a rule I try and keep the bike on a tender plus,just to keep the battery up to full charge all the time...
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