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How long to idle to charge battery?

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How long do I need to idle the bike to charge the battery when not riding it for a couple of weeks? I try to ride all year in Colorado but there are some weeks when it is just colder than I want to ride. This morning I wheeled the Canyon Dancer out of the garage door and let it idle for about 10 minutes then shut if off and rolled it back in the garage. Am I using more battery to start it than I am putting back in with the idling? I have a battery tender (Schumacher) but am using it on my classic car right now.
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I'll hook the battery tender up

Thanks everyone, guess I kind of expected that idleing it didn't work, but knew I'd find out for sure from everyone. I'll do the switch-er-rue with the tender I have on the Jaguar. They sit right beside each other and generally get along pretty well!! I'm sure they won't mind sharing the Battery Tender either. :trike:
Cycledude is right!!

Cycledude, you were right. I put the Battery Tender on the battery for the wing and after about 15 minutes or less, the green light came on on the tender telling me the battery was fully charged and the tender was only operating on "maintance mode". So it must have been pretty near fully charged before connecting the BT to it.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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