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I change both tires at the same time.
Place bike on center stand, ratchet strap the stand to front engine guard (So it can't roll forward!)
A sissor jack under front of engine to just lift the front wheel off the ground and inch!!

If you have an AMP?
Relocate the radio amp into the bottom of the Trunk. (where the CD player would reside)
Once it's out of the way (Honda should of put it there!!)
You can roll the wheel out the back.
If you have a hitch (You'll remove the center section)

I have a hitch and never jack up my bike when I need either tire changed!!

If you use a bike jack?? Place automotive jack stands under each bag guard.
To stabilize the bike so IT CAN"T Fall over. (Before you lift the front wheel an Inch off the ground with a scissor jack.)

It's not rocket science here guys.

This type of scissor jack acts as a tri-pod with the rear jack stands. (You can leave the bike up in the air forever with this set up.)

They are all over Ebay.

Rectangle Gas Metal Machine Tool
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