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One of your first questions is it good for the long haul?
Everything stated above are real things to consider!
I bought an "82" around 8 years ago and the first problem I encountered was, when I would attempt to open her up she started bogging down:cry:
After I pulled one of the carb bowls it had a fine silty rust floating in them,
so when I would get on her, the jets in the carbs would clog.
After further inspection, by shining a bright flashlight into the fuel tank and there was rust on the inner lining of the tank, when I rocked her while looking in there, I could see it moving around in the bottom of the tank!:evil:
So I used a product called CREEM, (acid wash,while using a hand full of nuts to etch,then the milky substance to coat it)
Then rebuildt the carbs.
That worked fine, and road her hard for 4yrs, no problems since :thumbup:
If you can hold off and save your dimes for awhile and find a good used 1800, YOU WILL THANK US IN THE LONG RUN ;)
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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