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The GL1200 Gold Wing's were good bikes, however there was one relatively serious problem with them. There was an inferior wiring connection for the stator (alternator) and this resulted in burning out the stators. The connection would get hot and short the wires together then that would burn out the stator. It happened to just about all of them in due time. And replacing the stator required removal of the engine which was a costly job. A couple of folks were able to remove the engine mounts and slide the engine side ways and get the stator out like that.

Replacement of the stator at a Honda shop is somewhere around a 600 - 800 dollar job (including the stator). My friend paid $700.00 in 1999 to have his stator replaced at a Honda dealership.

I would recommend checking to see if the stator was ever replaced on the '85 Aspencade. I seriously doubt that with 30,000 miles that it has been replaced. Most of them had more miles than that before they failed.

I would check the bike over real good, 30,000 miles is very low mileage for a 24 year old bike. Things can happen when bikes are not ridden much, especially with brakes (calipers), clutches, gaskets and seals and such.

Among other things, I would check the condition of the clutch and brake fluids, are they dirty (contaminated etc.) from sitting around etc. What about the condition of the tires?

I have see some great looking older bikes with low mileage that need a lot of mechanical work and attention. Which can get quite costly (unless you do all your own work).

Not trying to sound negative but I would recommend checking it over real good. Only having 30,000 miles does not necessarily mean the bike is in great shape. It may or may not be!

Basically, you have two things to consider:

1: The cosmetic appearance and condition of the bike.

2. The mechanical condition of the bike.

Dave Bohrer
Silver Spring, MD
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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