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I need some help, PLEASE....

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Dear Family and Friends, I entered my photo of Max into a contest at I am trying to win some really cool prizes including a $100 gift card to Pet Smart & $1,000 cash. I really want to win, and all I need are votes from my family and friends. All I need you to do is go to this address: and vote for my photo. If I get enough votes, I win. It's that easy! Thank you very much for your vote. I will keep you posted if I win. Wish me luck! Thanks a bunch! Terry Jeter Entry #100348108

If I win, Max get a new trailer ..... T.I.A. :bow:
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Our Fla. lunch run mascot better win:lol::lol::lol:


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But a poodle :eek:
Just kidding :lol:
Sure why not , I voted good luck.

Ugliest Pet
Kinda Cute
Average Cuteness
Cute Pet
Cutest Pet of All

Looks like you can just keep voting, so I voted about ten times then my ADD kicked in.:nojoke:

Rots of ruck!!
Well i think i voted for it. i at least rated it, if that is the vote
So far, I voted twice, why let Illinois have all the fun? ....Don
I voted for you. Good luck.
I voted for the cutey standing to the left of the trailer...:lol::lol::lol:

Got my vote !!!

DONE :thumbup:
Not as cute as our Yorkie, Pebbles, but she isn't in the contest ;)...I voted Cutest Pet of All for your poodle!
the poodle got my vote!:thumbup:
Max got my vote!
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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