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IBA Witness for Ride Around Kansas

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I would like to arrange a witness for a Ride Around Kansas attempt for the Morning of September 7th and 8th. We will be leaving from a convenience store in Leavenworth. I plan to ride with my step son. It will be around 1230 miles and we think it will take between 22 and 23 hours. We don’t want to ride that many hours in one day if the conditions are not good so there is a possibility that we will postpone the ride.

Send me a PM if you wold be willing to meet us to sign paperwork and respond to IBA if they happen to reach out to you for confirmation.
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You posted this message on the 10th of August for a ride on the 7th or 8th of - August??

:mrgreen: September...I know.

If this is your *first* ride, an IBA member is not a requirement. With a completely filled out form (consider using the word confirmation, rather than witness...) a confirmation at the start and at the end of a ride can be done by the staff of the convenience store.

Additionally, as long as your start point isn't *too* terribly far away (a few miles...), your witnesses do not have to be at your starting location.

I had my brother-in-law sign forms for my wife (as pillion) and I at home the night before. We rode the few miles to the start point, fueled, documented start mileage, then started ride.

At the end, fuel, receipt, and rode home. He came over next day to sign at the end of the ride.

Good luck to both of ya! :thumbup:
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Month fixed

Sorry about the typo. We will be staying over night in Leavenworth the night before we leave. If we cannot find someone that can do it, we will probably find a LEO that would be willing. I would rather rely on a law enforcement officer than a random convenience store clerk.
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You could also use the motel clerk the night before.
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You could also use the motel clerk the night before.
I did that on my 50CC
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Yep.. desk clerk/owner at the start of my Why to Whynot ride, clerk at the store at the end.

Gives you an opportunity to refine the IBA elevator speech.
Another alternative, especially if you plan to do more IBRs in the next 12 months, is to become a Premier member. No witnesses required. If you have no intentions of doing more IBRs, then it is a waste of (I think) $40.
You don't qualify for Premier until you've done a ride...
@networkguy3 Hope you post up a Spotwalla link for this ride; that might be fun to peek in on from time to time to watch your progress.

Spotwalla link

I will post a link to my Spotwalla track. I've run Bubbler for several years now. The only problem I've ever had with Bubbler was when riding in hot weather and my phone stopped charging because of the heat. Then I'm down to my SPOT tracker for my wife to keep track of me.

This ride will be harder than any I have done before as 99%+ of the route will be on 2 lane roads with 60 to 65 MPH speed limits. Also there are a number of towns to go through in addition to the required stops. Last, but not least I think that a ride down the western border of Kansas is some of the most boring country imaginable. Even though I grew up in western Kansas, I've not spent any time in the southwest corner of the state. I'm definitely going to have lots of music with me and more books than I can possibly listen to on the trip.

Basecamp says it is a 21 hour, 1230 mile trip.
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Ride in question

After my recent visit to a Honda dealer to get my airbag replaced, this ride is in question. The deale cross threaded a bolt on the airbag assembly and also screwed up one of my LED headlights. I'm not sure I will be able to get the bike repaired in time to go.
It's been a while when I did mine. I think I used date/time stamped fuel receipts from gas stations. You can stop, even if you don't need gas and put in a little.
IBA ride cancelled

With the airbag replacement issues, my bike is in no shape to ride. We are going to try to do the ride around Kansas later.
It's been a while when I did mine. I think I used date/time stamped fuel receipts from gas stations. You can stop, even if you don't need gas and put in a little.
True, but for a *first* IBA ride...

"In order to document your ride, the Iron Butt Association requires that you obtain an eyewitness to document the start of your ride. "

As I wrote before, I like the word 'confirmation' a bit better in this case. Same principal, but has a little less 'legalese' attached.

'Proof that me and my motorcycle with this mileage was at this spot - and you saw it.'
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