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I'm not stupid...but...

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Got my EC Sirius radio kit today and have the left fairing pocket out. I see the red power plug but it's connected to the lighter outlet in the pocket. To connect the radio do I lose that connection? Also where should I put the green and black boxes .....wire tie them under the pocket?
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I don't know about the boxes you speak of but you do need a "Y" connector for the radio and 12v outlet plug. You may also need a ground loop isolator. Contact Electrical Connection for help...They sell everything you need.
Go to the Electrical Connection website. EC offers a "Y Splitter" adapter harness. Very nice little setup. It's "plug & play". Plugs into the 12V OEM Hitachi plug under the left fairing pocket and gives you two separate OEM-style 12V plug-in circuits. Each one of the two circuits is separately fused with its own in-line blade-type fuse holder, and each fuse holder also carries one spare fuse in the fuse housing.

The part description is titled "GL1800 Fused Fairing Y Power Cable", and the EC Part Number is 02211
You could also use the Accessories terminal in the fuse box, it is switched, just connect the CiG lighter thier na dplug in the XM power cord. Just a thought.
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