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Importing a .GPX into Honda Trip Planner -

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Hello -
I have a 2015 HONDA GOLDWING Airbag model.
I am trying to import a pre-made map from Ride Around Lake Superior's website and it appears to upload hits 100%
then gives me this error -> This type of .GPX file is not currently supported by Trip Planner, check back soon for updates....
(screen capture here)

This map has everything on it, from Hotels/Motels/Points of Interest, Gas, Food, Repair etc.... I don't understand
why it doesn't work? Any ideas of how I can get this onto my Wing?

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Figured it out

I think all is good. I was trying to upload the premade map to Honda Trip Planner, not sure why I was thinking I had to do that.
I just exported the premade gpx file to the SD Card and imported it on the bike and it works perfectly.

sorry for the post.


No,problem, Paul- we,learn from what you do and save ourselves time in the future. Ride safe
Good post, I learned something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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