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Well on Saturday I made it up to Ga. stop in Buford spent the night at my sister-in-law's was a 450 mile run, and everything went smooth, my brother in law had recently got a metric cruiser, so on Sunday we went for a run, man that have some great riding up in that area, and a good time was had by all. Left there in the afternoon and headed over to Woodstock, caught a little rain, and stayed a couple of exits south, Monday morning I headed up to traxxion and I am now waiting for the full monty, so excited ! if all goes well should be in Maryville late today, and by Tuesday afternoon will be able to run the dragon a few times ! Hopefully the next day if the weather holds!
Tuesday am will be getting a new bush-tec-2 hitch put on, and that will end my personal effort to get this dang economy going for this dude ! lol Not only did I drop the coin for the bike, I got to send the better half and our two kids on a cruise, (made the rode trip go smoother, lol) for her mother's day !
If it all goes to plan, which it never does, lol will head over to Johnson City on Thursday, have lunch with the one sister, then on to Greensboro, to spend the night with my other sister, then Friday well head back to Fl.
Well post of the suspension upgrade after a few days of riding if I get the chance, other wise it will be when I get home, take care! yak:coffee1::tongue::tongue::yes1:
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