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Okay, just remember two things, 1) You asked and 2) It is my opinion.
I have been using car tires on my bikes for several years (1997 Valkyrie Tourer, & 2005 GL1800 )
My choice is the Kumho 195/55x16 ECSTA RUN FLAT.
It handles the Twisties almost like a MT, it is smoother and quieter than a MT.
It is very stable on the road and does not 'Track" grooves and gouges in the road, and is excellent on wet roads.
I run mine at 31 psi solo, and 35 psi for two-up long trips.
Many just run 32 psi all the time.

I have been using CTs for a long time and recommend the Kumho highly.
I hope this is of some help to you.
Good Luck
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