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A suggestion for anyone that has a question about an installation problem.
If it is with our products or Bushtec or EC, as well as most others, instead of sending us an email or posting on one of the boards, the FIRST and :lol: best thing to do is to pick up the telephone and call us, even if it's not during "Normal" business hours, you'd be surprised at the time of day you can catch us at the office.
If you do this, the majority of the time you can get the correct answer :lol: much quicker than trying to email us or for us to see the question on one of the message boards.
You will probably get the correct answer from someone on the message board, but, if the one you select isn't accurate :cus: and causes a problem, it's difficult for us to correct the problem.
This board as well as others do a great job at offering assistance :!: and solving problems, and we appreciate the support we get here. But, I think I can sort of speak for John and Lewis, one of the things you get when you buy one of our products even if it's from Hal or another one of our Dealers, is that if you have a problem, we are here to help you resolve it, that's is just part of the Customer Service that goes with our products :mrgreen: .
Ride Safe,
:flg: :yw1:
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