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Well after many grueling hours (9 in all) :lol: and a few wrong wire connections with the low voltage trigger, I finally got the EC Amp hooked up correctly.

In a panic on Saturday, I left a message on Lewis's answering machine, it was a desperate call for help. :?
After reading all the posts as a reference, I finally got it hooked up correctly.

I also installed the alternator whine device and the Low voltage trigger.
Bass blockers were attached to all 4 new Diamond Audio speakers.

I set the amp gain at about 1/2 and I have to say the whole thing does not sound good and the bass of course is all but gone. Very distorted.

How do I tune this thing in?
Also Im thinking about adding a subwoofer in the trunk...
As always , I welcome all your input!



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I wouldn't expect great bass as the speakers are too small.

I had to do some adjustments to the controls.

I found the best for me was to turn off the ambience. Set bass and trebble to mid range. You may want to increase them slightly when you see how it behaves.

I was used to cranking everything to the max, before using an amp in order to get some volume.

With the amp you get best performance with controls set to nominal. You have the volume you need without maxing things out.

I didn't use bass blockers and blew a number of speakers, initially.

Lewis adjusted the amp at Americade for me one year. He dropped the amp gain from 1/2 to about 1/3.

You might ask him about that.

I finally ended up with Polks in the front and Diamond (I think) in the rear.

They sounded better than all Polks or all Diamond. They augment each other. I think the Polks are better for Hi freq. and Diamond for Lo freq.
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