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I have also changed the speakers looking for a little more of anything over the stock speakers........
Since I am not happy with the results and thus consider it an unfinished project I have not fully documented it. I do not really like speaking out before we are done with things, but I also believe in sharing failures as well as success if it will help others.

I replaced all 4 speakers with Pioneers. The results were very disappointing.
I have a YouTube of both rear and fronts, but have only posted the rears at this stage. I also have not finished the web page I am doing with the photos of the change over, but if it saves some money and pain, here is what I have.

I will try and get the fronts video up soon as I can.
The actual fitting is pretty straight forward. Just make the speaker slots a little longer and put a flat on the edge near the outside.
The fronts are just as straight forward. Slot the speaker screw holes and take some of the plastic off around the mounts on the bike.
I also tried stuffing some polli fill in the fronts and back, ended up taking it all out. Better base and over all sound with none.
The better you can seal around the fronts, the better the bass and over all sound. I used some draft sealing foam around the edge of the speaker. I think I can do better.
They are 4 ohm speakers and will post the full specifications of them in the final web page, enough to say, they read very well.
I tried for some time to get the Sony Xpode three way speakers that 'everyone' was raving about on this forum, but could not find any to buy.
I could not afford the Polks that are also popular, so the $40 Pioneers were the best I could do.
Over all, it was a waste of money and time.
They are a little more crisp, the sound stage is better placed, but nothing like the raving improvements that some have spoken about.
(In case it matters, I have about 30 years experience doing sound and lighting at conferences for 100 to 4000 people, have built a few amplifiers and speakers and have designed and built 4 home theaters).

I guess what I am trying to say is proceed with care. The originals are not the best, that is for sure, but unless you can listen to some that are installed and can copy them exactly, you may have to spend some time and money looking for 'your' sound.

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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