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At last, a subject i do know about. ( for years i joint owned and ran an automotive and Music venue equipment design and manufacturing company) But besides that, and not to get droning on too much, here are a fact or two that are relevant.

1. If you were to run a 2ohm load across a system that is primarily designed around a 4ohm output, you WILL put eccessive power dissipation onto the base legs of the powerfets, resulting in far more heat than the casing will be designed to dissipate.

2. Although the volume will seem to increase, it will in fact suffer almost inaudible electronic distortion, much similar to the degredation caused by turning a wave file into a mid quality mp3 file.

3. In order to run the system safely it can be ran alongside individual capacitance placed on each speaker by adding a further 2ohm cap to each (this seems pointless but if you want a particular speaker that only comes as 2 ohm impedence, then it needs done).

4. Volume (db) is somewhat misleading, certain levels in the range of 50 - 20k can be seemingly amplified whilst in balance you will lose the intermediates. (as stated in quality drop equal to that of wave to mp3)

whilst everyone has an opinion and many rightly so, just because one person is lucky enough to escape damage, it doesnt mean that the next one can do the same and get away with it. in my book, the correct way is always the right way.

Incidentaly, the given outputs i.e. 100/200/500 watts etc are always an incorrect value as you can only actually achieve the rms of 0.7 of the value without overdriving and either distorting sound or destroying mosfets etc.

Ok, I'll shut up now :joke:

"just another knowit all, before anyone else feels the urge to say it :lol:"

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I tried for some time to get the Sony Xpode three way speakers that 'everyone' was raving about on this forum, but could not find any to buy.
I did find the Xplodes for my '06, put them in all 4 holes, but I am not impressed at all with them. They sound tinny and they do not deliver increased volume or clarity.
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