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I think you're very much on the right path. The portable aviation intercom systems are numerous with many no-name labels hitting the market regularly. Also, the noise cancelling headset technology is getting less and less expensive by the year. Do it yourself retrofits for aviation headset are also available. With as large of a Gold Wing community as there is, there certainly must be the talent to either design or reverse engineer, adapt, and/or repackage such products to be more suitable for our two wheeled application. I have been heavily involved for many years in the Ultralight and Rotorcraft community. These are very high wind and ambiant noise environments no different from a bike at highway speeds. As a matter of fact, my Wing is a heck of alot quieter in all respects. Yet the microphonics makes it sound as if I'm riding without a helmet or headsets.

Food for thought for the spark chasers in the crowd: ... e_set.html

(Funny...this unit is from the UK also, similar in function and quality reputation as Autocom for quiet operation, only packaged with propriatery connectors. You didn't expect it to be cheap did you?)

(And this is a surprisingly cheap DIY retrofit kit for aviation headsets...that's unusual for aviation.)
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