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Interesting Observation Today

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Today was our first day ride with the new VFRs and we discovered some very interesting facts. When we were on the Wings, everyone would laugh, point and wave when they saw the tiger ears and tail attached to my helmet. I know that a lot of people saw me on the bike because of that accessory. We always wave at every person on a bike that we see, no matter the brand and style of bike that they rode.

Today was very different. I know have a black and white cat ears and tail on my white helmeet. While some people still made eye contact with me, and smiled, it was very subdued. Since we continue to wave at every biker we see, the responses were very limited. I guess it goes to prove there are stereotypes for all types of bikes. Since there is a lot of Harley bashing on the board, I thought I would share my observations on what it is like to ride a sport-touring bike, that is more toward sport than touring.

Bottom line is that we are all bike enthusiasts who are out to enjoy our sport. You don't know who I am just by the type of bike I ride, just like I don't know you because of what you ride. Be careful of stereotypes because it just may come back and haunt you. JMHO
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I have lots of friends who ride Harleys and I love them like brothers (and sisters), but I bust their chops every chance I get and they dish it right back any chance they get. Truth is, my two Harleys were AMF era, and I won't judge any new bike by those standards, but I don't ever want to own another one.

I ride with and wave to everyone. If they choose not to wave back, so be it. I'm not going to let a grump ruin my day! :biker:
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