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I took the Girlfriend and her kids out to the black hills this last weekend hoping to see fireworks over Mt. Rushmore. I won't get into why there are no fireworks over Mt. Rushmore anymore, but the advertized show on the third did not happen.

On the way back we had a cabin rented at the Badlands KOA, and we got there at night fall, and were immediately informed that fireworks were startign down four miles down the road in moments. I pulled up the kick stand and headed back down the road with the 11 year old on the back and the rest of the crew in the GF's grocery getter in hot persuit.

As we approached the town of interior, I looked up to the sound of explosions, and we managed to pull in within 100 yards of the gooseneck trailer they were using as a platform.

For what seemed like an hour the people of Interior put on the best damned fireworks display I have ever seen. The Children were in awe, heck, the adults were in awe. It was the crowning event for some children that have never been more than 100 miles from home before in their lives.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to the people who made Independence Day for My Girlfriend's family and myself.
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