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Just curious to know if anyone is using a stock size GL1800 front tire on their trike? What has been your experience? A fellow GL1800 Lehman triker is using a Metzler ME 880. He's got 19,000 miles on it. He running 42psi in it. For us math challenged how many 32nds is 6.0 mm of tread depth?

A 6 mm tread is .2362" deep. (1mm=.03937")

1/32" is .03132"

Hence a 6mm deep tread is about 1/64" over 7/32" deep.

I know a couple guys who are running stock front radials on their trikes. But by far, bias ply tires are preferred because of the heavy side loading the front tire on a trike is subjected to. Side walls on a bias ply tire are stiffer than on a radial.

Ride safe.
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