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You might be onto something here. This tire is designed for the front with less vibration. Also the 70 aspect ratio will give more clearance in the fender for small pebbles. I think this may be my next tire. The only kicker could be the dual compound that I assume it has as this is not proving to be a good thing. The sides of the tire will scuff out quicker than the center and produce quicker cupping than normal. I think it is still worth looking at. The price is right with free shipping. Cheers...:doorag:

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  • New sport touring radial designed for touring oriented riders wanting serious performance and high mileage.
  • "Luxury Feel" combines advantages of both sport tire and touring tire to provide luxury and good feedback during aggressive riding.
  • New pattern designed to provide good shock absorbtion with less vibration and noise to minimize fatigue on longer rides.

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So Stick, which one do you recommend??
The short answer is the BT-021

The long answer is;
I ran 16,400 miles on my Bax BT-45. A good tire. It still had plenty of life left but early on I had experimented with 32 pounds. Big mistake. Took it up to 40 pounds but couldn't recover it too well. The slight buzz went away about 12K. The Bax has a dual rubber compound and I'm not sure that is the answer as the sides scuff out before the center so tends to encourage early cupping. Maintenance of air pressure is critical coz these tires last so long.

The Demon, I have about 5,500 miles on and it is doing better. This is a single rubber compound and may wear a little more evenly across the tire. The tire still has a slight buzz in the handle bars at about 45mph but disappears at hiway speeds. I run this one at 42 pounds and air up at 40 pounds. The buzz is annoying but is the price to pay for such a longevity tire. This is also a good tire.

I'm still looking for the tire tread that smooths out the buzz. On the above tire BT021, I'm reading what you are reading. To me it looks very interesting as it is specifically designed for the front and they are touting less vibration. Unless something else comes up I will probably give the BT021 a shot. Heck, the tires are cheap enough. Might as well keep experimenting until I find something that is the best of all worlds. Cheers...:doorag:

I remember the BMW guys talking about this tire, saying it didn't wear well. I just did a search on the BMWOA site, and found a reference to a R1150RT (600 lbs wet) that got 6600 miles to the wear bars on the front tire.
Not to worried about your post. When someone says they got 7000 miles on a tire and someone else says they got 16000 from that same tire then I know it's rider habits (mostly). Some ride harder than others. What really matters is your experience with the tires you've tried yourself. I'm not really interested in internet stories.
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