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Now dont get me wrong I like haveing 4 seasons got to do some snowmobiling and all, but its been xmas since it got to 20 degrees here.
Got the bike in the heated part of the garage and did the 25k stuff to her
Alls Balls Bearings
Traxxion fork springs
New bushings and oil (the bushings were good but the oil WoW)
Air Filter
Did the temp & signal cancel thing
Resistor for the heated seats
Put 6 leds for light in the trunk
Mounted the SOs mic mute sw under the speaker
So now shes good for the trip at the end of the month
(Trailering till the temps hit 50 unload & head towards FL maybe not sure)

But the good news yesterday the temp was up to 47 the drive and the roads finaly melted off the 1 1/2" of snow pack 38 today I had to take her out (you know to test all my work), saw that 20k is a good time for spark plugs so 60 mi later Ive got new plugs to put in, The wife said Im a sick man but have I got a big smile on my face. Now for the cleaning & waxing make sure no salt does any damage but it was worth it.
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
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