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A few days ago I posted information about how to get the new NavTeq map update for the Lowrance iWay500. A couple of corrections and clarifications are in order.

I had said that the new map update is Version Q3-06. Incorrect. The new version is Q1-06. Be nice now guys...that is what the tech at Lowrance had told me.

Secondly, I indicated that if you haven't already updated your firmware to Version 1.7.0, you need to do so before loading the new map update, and you can download the new firmware version from the Lowrance website.

This is true, but not necessary if you get the map update disk. It includes the 1.7 firmware also. When you load the DVD into your machine, the install screen that will come up has a check box on it that says "Install Firmware". If you have already updated to Ver 1.7, uncheck that box, and it will not go through the install of the firmware again, which will save you about 3 hours of install time. That was another little "detail" that the tech didn't bother to tell me.

Bottom line, if you install both the firmware and the mapping update, plan on about 7 hours for it to complete. About half that if you don't need to do the firmware.

Whew! Glad to get that out of the way.

Good luck...Enjoy

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I bought my iWay 500c back in January, 8 months ago.

I have Navtec Q3-05

Should I call Lowrance to see what I need?

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The 'mapping update' from Lowrance actually comprises a few things:
  • Updated NavTeq map data (dated 'Q1-06')
    Integrated marine map details (I haven't tested this yet, but plan on it this weekend)
    'Updated' POI information
    The latest unit firmware (Ver. 1.7.0 that most have already installed) can be optionally installed at upgrade time if you haven't done so already
    The combination of new POI data and the 1.7.0 firmware includes what I could call 'eliminative text' data entry in the search fields (very similar to what Garmin has included for years)
Like with most map data upgrades, only you can decide whether the $75 is justified for you or not. Everybody's a little different in how they want to spend their money but I decided I wanted to see what the marine map data looks like and how the data entry functions worked. If it was just updated map data, I probably would've waited for the every-other year cycle at best. If Lowrance keeps adding features and functionality, it'll probably affect my upgrade decision... :)

BTW, if you want to order the update, you can just click here. If you've bought the unit recently, they may still be offering a pro-rated purchase plan, but you'll have to call them and verify your purchase date, serial number, etc. 1-800-324-0045 for LEI extras.
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