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great video!
Very detailed instructions to connect 2 helmets together, rider phone to bike, passenger phone to helmet, and CB to helmet.
Since there are multiple ways to connect a phone, this shows the preferred way for 2 up riding.
And it is plain to see why your new BT-04 is the Gold Standard, very easy to set up and use.

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Jefro ,,,,,

thank you for the vote of confidence, we DO try and keep this stuff as simple as possible, yet fully functional ,,,,,

the BT04 software package is J&Ms exclusively and not a day goes by that I am not personally involved with the software changes and updates both current and in the future for our Bluetooth headsets ,,,,

and one of my goals from the beginning is LESS BUTTON PRESSES not more, LESS FIDDLING with the headset itself, and more automatic settings on the headset to work with the Wing's handlebar controls ,,,,,

it is a constant work in progress for sure ,,,,
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