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Welcome to the June's Ride of the Month Competition!

May's ROTM Winner @CO-GLrider

Please follow all instructions posted below

  1. You must add 3 Photos; no more, no less. NO Collages. Pictures must be of the current state of your vehicle. Avoid having any people in your images.
  2. List any/all Legal Modifications to your vehicle if you have done any.*
  3. The vehicle must be yours. Vehicles waiting to be purchased may not be included
  4. Include a short description of your favourite aspect of your vehicle, or your favourite memory or ride taken with your vehicle*
  5. Votes for the month’s winner will be tallied by the number of “Likes” your post has on the last day of the month. The winner at the end of the month will win a free 1 Year Premium Membership for the forum and a custom flair under their username. If the winner is already a premium member, their subscription will be extended an additional year.
  6. Remember, please post your entries and pictures in this thread.
  7. If you have won in a previous month, you can no longer enter for the rest of the year. However, if you have a second car that meets the above criteria, you can enter that.

* These are optional but encouraged

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My new (to me) 2002 Honda Goldwing. I just finished a two day jaunt to the mountains from Florida. P.O. hadn't put many miles on her in many years (32k miles) so prior to my long ride I gave her some fresh rubber, fork fluid, brake fluid and brake pads. I did go to the Darkside but hate it. A new Stone is on it's way. Other than the CT, I love her!


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Hello everyone here is my ride. Soon to add a Bushtec trailer. Safe riding!
*Honda OEM trunk rack
*Honda OEM LED Lights
*Honda OEM upper wings
*Honda OEM Trunk Orgnsr
*Honda OEM trunk bags
*Honda OEM 2020 Handles
*RIVCO Aero Pegs
*RIVCO Fog Lights
*RIVCO Hitch
*EC Valve Case Cover
*EC Running Stop Light *Spoiler Light Harness
*Modulating Headlights
*Modulating Brake Light
Traxxion suspension
*Traxxion Tie Rod
*Goldstrike License Light
*Goldstrike Plate Cover
*Goldstrike Floorboards
*Goldstrike Frame Cover
*Goldstrike Fork Covers
*Goldstrike CaliperCover
*Goldstrike Tie Down Bracket
*Goldstrike Grips
*OEM Tender Cable
*WingSoft Seat
*Ram Mounts
*XM Antenna
*3M Film(dash/lights)


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Oh from the picture it looked like the cords were showing, probably dirt.😉

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This is my ride - 2020 DCT Tour I picked up from Schroeder's last August. I usually prefer functional modifications over trim -

Which mod do I like the most? That's a tough one but probably the RDL seat as it gives me so much more riding time due to increased comfort. I really like the Muth signal mirrors as they give me comfort in believing other's will see me better. My favorite non functional feature has to be my flag. Love flags on a bike!

Favorite ride so far is my most recent 5 day trip thru North Carolina and Tennessee Smoky Mountains. I've posted elsewhere about this trip. This bike is so much fun to ride in the mountains with all it's power and good handling I find I treat it like a sport touring bike. A heavy sport tourer, but sporty none the less...

How can anyone post ONLY 3 pictures of their bike I'm not sure but I chose:
1 - Balsam Gap on the parkway from recent trip
2 - Fontana Lake from recent trip
3 - Suches GA from last year showing a friends Honda CTX 1300 (last bike I owned) and my Goldwing. I meetup with CTX owners every year to ride in the NC mountains and since this pic showed my previous ride and my new 1 month old ride I thought it was a great shot

RDL Seat - Russell Day Long
Full coverage Expel film
Muth signal mirrors
Kuryakin Omni Highway Pegs
Kuryakin Lowers
Honda Uppers
Honda Tall windscreen which I use in colder months
Honda Homelink
Honda illuminated entry
Honda Trunk inner light
Utopia backrest with quick release
XM antennae
Honda Chrome trunk rack
Pathfinder LED sequential lights under chrome trunk rack
Pathblazer headlight modulator
Goldstrike modified flag mount 11x14 USA flag
I've put lots of highly visible reflective tape on back fender, the type that reflects headlights
I use a half cover when traveling to keep dew off seat
indoor outdoor carpet in trunk - I cut to fit.

I just ordered the centramtic wheel balancers to try them out. As my tires have hit 6500 miles I have the nice wobble at 45-50mph. I believe most of that is caused by wheel balancing. I used beads in my CTX and that worked quite well. With all the positive info I read about centramatics I thought I would give that a try instead of the beads. I'm off on a probably 4000 mile trip next month and will be putting new tires on before I go as I don't think I'll make it with current ones. Chip and Seal roads in NC are horrible on tires...




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2012 Honda Goldwing Comfort, ABS, XM

New Napa battery
Baker mirror wind deflectors
Electrical connection LED headlights
Kisan headlight modulator LED
Kuryakyn Chrome Highway pegs
LED tail lights
LED Flasher
Flashing LED brake lights
Add-on trailer hitch
Saddlebag & trunk Carpet liner
TPMS for Tire pressure FOBO
Switchback front turn signal
Rivco Passenger armrest
Battery meter
Battery tender
Passenger adjustable pegs
Air Wings engine Deflector
Air Wing Foot deflector
EC Bluetooth
EC Dash back lighting
Wingstuff trailer wire harness
Bridgestone tires
Front Fender Accent
Russells Daylong seat
Russells Daylong drivers backrest
Belly Pan
Grip puppies
Madstad windshield
BushtecTurbo II trailer

My wife and I truly love getting away and just riding. Particularly love the mountains. It is our greatest way to unwind.

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