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Today was the big day where I took the STealth11 in to get it inspected and hopefully titled.

OK so here we go.............

I just got back from the 55 mile trip to St Paul where the inspection took place. As expected 99% of the inspection was to check for proper VIN and Engine numbers and to go through receipts to verify every part was legal. I had no doubts on the safety nor parts as it is legit however the unit was originally sold with a "Junk" title not a salvage so according to the documents from the insurance company the unit is uninsureable and therefore no title could be issued.

But! parts can be used in another vehicle, so I used the frame and engine but replaced over 50% of the bike which gave me an edge. The inspector looked up the title and looked at me and said "According to Minnesota this has a clear title so we will just pass it and you will get a new clean original title using the existing VIN"

The inspection itself was less than 10 minutes but it took a good half hour to find the engine number - it's on the rear of the right cylinder bank and you have to remove the gas tank to see it or use a mirror - we found a mirror.

I stopped at the bank and picked up the plates and she is now officially 100% street legal and I just need to add it to my insurance ($46 for the year)

On the downside some wire somewhere came loose so it won't run now as the timing is so far off it just backfires.
I'll attack it tonight.

So now the Valkyrie plate can stay on the Valkyrie and I don't have to worry about the local police anymore. This is a really good thing seeing as I do work for the police.
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