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Just wrecked my 2013 F6B while in Argentina

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Just wrecked my 2013 F6B while in Argentina. Luckily I didn't break a bone and walked away with scratches and bruises. Now I have to replace both wheels ( totally damaged and the right side mirror assy. I have a son in Houston that can do the buying and shipping. Anyone know where to look that won't break the bank? Thanks fellas
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Sad to hear your situation.
As soon as I get healthy again, it's back to repairing my baby. Thanks for your reply
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Glad you made it. Good luck with your repair.
Hope your baby gets well soon.
Write this yesterday but did not hit post…

Glad to hear no serious injuries. I would post a Wanted ad here on the forum but be VERY CAREFUL for the scams. Do not bite on anyone who tells you to contact a fiend via email!!!!!!

You can also check EBay.
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First, glade you're not "physically" hurt very bad.

You may want to check into Revzilla for OEM parts AND consider joining their Riders Plus Rewards for more discounts and free 2 day shipping. Revzilla, J&P, Cycle Gear and REVER are owned by Comoto. The $60 Riders Plus membership gets you REVER maps also.
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