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bought 8/6/06

honda warranty expires 08/06/2013 cont #ca2006000002349
vin 1hfsc47f86a505164

oil change.
400- honda oil and filter 10/40
2034- amsoil synt 10/40 and filter.

final drive- 1955 miles amsoil synt.

add ons:
12v socket- left glovebox
low beam piia bright white blubs
kirachan led voltage light
seat cut down 2" back 3"
kirachan switchblade foot pegs
chrome frame covers
chrome rear floorboard covers
ft disc covers
battery tender adapter wired in
carpet trunk and bag mats
trunk organizer

3-4-07 2900 miles
garmin 2720
ram mount
kennedy wire harness
kuryakin chrome rotor covers

4-9-07 4050 miles
side bag pocket organizer
rear fender chrome trim
fairing pocket top bag
new shoei rf1000
ed sets sonic
dash mat
chrome helmet hangers
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