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Kennedy has been very busy and they've recently updated some of their products to include modular connectors to make adapting them to newer devices much easier.

The good news is they've got a audio/power cable for the 2610 now that will plug in directly to their new MPGSet (pipes into the Aux connection)

I'm not sure yet about the GPSSet, it appears that portion of their site is not finished quite yet...

The downside to this is that putting together the pieces needed is a little more complicated now - you've got to know whether you want to wire the GPS for constant power or switched and add the correct cables.

I've put together a little web page that makes the selection process a little easier (I think). You don't have to buy from there - you can print out the table of part numbers and call them directly if you like. It's not very fancy, but I think it works...

Click here for the low-down.
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