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I just had a great experience with .
They sell the anodized 82 degree valve stem.

The stems I ordered arrive this morning and it was noticed that one of the stems was not right. Here is a copy of the email that I sent and the return to me which was received in a matter of minutes.

Hello, I just received the two valve stems and one of them was used. The top threaded portion is not round and the nut with the thread locker has been tightened and the locker no longer works. Also there was no rubber tube like the other stem.

What would you like to do about this?

Dear Jim

First and foremost, you get my apology that you got a less than stellar product for any reason. Your replacement pair is outbound in the morning via Priority Mail with USPS Confirmed Carrier Pick-up ID# WEX28534354 and eDelivery Confirmation # 9101785091401021985748; I would expect it to arrive your end Saturday or Monday, depending on how far Joshua is from the closest regional mail-service airport. Please throw the defective units away.

Don't you wish all companies & vendors were this easy to deal with and this straightforward about claims -- I certainly do!

On a side-note, I'm not sure how you possibly got used product, as we don't normally take returns (just like with your case, we ask that the unit be disposed of and simply replace it instead); this policy prevents any chance of returned product from making it back into the inventory stream...

=-= Marc Glasgow
Owner, MotorcycleAnchor Products Group
Tampa, FL

Mark, Thanks for the quick handling of the problem. I really don't know how this happened if you tell the people to dispose of the bad product. I was at a dealership and opened the packaged to show the parts mgr. He is the one that spotted this.
At any rate I am glad you are dealing with this and I do wish all vendors were as nice.

I just had to post this great experience.
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