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We attended a family reunion in Claremore, OK and stayed at the Comfort Inn. First off, when I called to make a reservation I said we would be on a motorcycle and asked if I could have a room where I could see my bike from the room. Not a problem, she gave me a first floor room where I could park right outside. Great! Then I had a coupon for $59.95 for two queen beds. This was looking like a good choice so far.

When I checked in the front desk lady told me I could park under the front portico if I wanted even though I never mentioned it, but she saw my bike and offered it to me. I told her the weather was going to be fine and I had a cover for it. She said it may be nice now, but OK weather can change pretty quick. Well it did rain that night...

We talked about motorcycles and that not every place is thrilled to have motorcycist staying, but she said she's never met any that haven't been nice and fun to talk with and were more than welcome at the Comfort Inn.

So, if passing through the area, or staying in Claremore, OK, I highly reccomend the Comfort Inn on Lynn Riggs Blvd. The breakfast setup was much better than average as well.
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