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Good for y'all and have a safe trip. :wink:

I've had dealings with Karen in the past, sharp young lady, good at her job and nice voice :wink: . Everytime I order something I do the call up and check ahead thing, she seems to be who I get, lucky me, but when the wife does it something seems to happen. She gets the courtious service and all but she always picks the stuff Hal's folks don't have in stock at any of the locations. So we play the backorder thing which really isn't a big deal but lettin' the wife order stuff could become a thing of the past. :roll: :lol:
Kudos to Karen I always get fixed up, Hal throw something nice her way, I think she told me she rides, hook the young lady up with something nice, charge it to one of the chromer guys and they'll never notice the charge!!! :roll: :wink: :lol:

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