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Kumho RF question

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While reading the specs of the Kumho Ecsta SPT, it says it is not intended for use on snow or ice and not to run it in freezing conditions. Now I don't normally ride in snow and ice, but have been caught in a rain storm that turned to snow before I got home and wound up riding in some slush.

I do however regularly ride in below freezing temperatures, so my question is:

Will running a FR tire below freezing do harm to the tire?

I am nearing end of life on the original rear Stone G704 (11K miles) and am looking for more tread life and lower cost over the m/t's that are available. I have decided to try the darkside and see how it works for me. Now it is just a matter of deciding what tire to try first. I ride on the timid - moderate side and may eventually get a camper trailer to pull.

Any recomendations would be appreciated.
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Please don't take offense at this, but don't you folks usually only have 6 days a year of summer; and they're not always within the same month?

I put my 1st CT (Kumho 195/55/16) on just 1k miles ago and love it so far.
None taken! Up here summer is known as the two weeks of the year that the ice is not fit for hockey. The best way to handle it is to make the use of the long summer days when you do get them. That usually means changing weather conditions and long trips. I rode a CS500 for 28 years and only put 25K on it. I got the GL in Ark. the first weekend of Oct. and rode it 1300 miles home in a day and a half. Have not stopped grinning since. Put 10K+ on it last summer, including IBA SS1000 and BB1500. Can't wait to get it out this year. Most trips are 25 miles one way to work, so should be able to get a few more weeks out of the old tire. Never had a problem with it, accepted it for what it was, until I started shopping for a new one. Ouch $$.

I will probalby mount my own (I do my own tires on other vehicles) and am seriously thinking about trying the DynaBead thing too.
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I would say that the summer grade tire probably does have a "harder" rubber compound that would attribute to its longer tread life. The "softer" rubber that is attributed to a "winter" tire would probably handle better on the colder road surface than a "summer" tire. That being said, I will be puting the Kumho RF on for my next tire when the Conti (summer) tire gives up the ghost. That will probably be another 5 or 6,000 miles and I live in the mountain country of N.C. I've really enjoyed the Conti an think it is a excellent choice for the Wing, but I hear a lot of good things about the Kumho, so I'll try it!!! I don't believe the rubber compounds make "that" much difference as much as the design of the tread for winter. Also, riding in the winter does require more caution concerning the road surface as the road salt, dirt and ice or snow. I myself do slow down in the winter because you never know when you'll hit a patch of "anything". The "rubber adhesion to the road" comparision in a summer vs. winter tire really doesn't come into play with my style of riding and it sounds like yours, also. JMHO Semper-fi:flg:
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Riding in a timid to moderate manner means you can run any CT that fits. They will all work and work well under those conditions, IMO.

If it makes you feel better though, there are a couple "All-Season" tires out there.

Yeah, I am not too concerned about winter vs. summer tread design. My only concern was Kumho specifically said not to run it in freezing conditions, and since I ride down to about 20° F, I was wondering if there was something about the run flat material that the cold weather would do harm to. It is going to sit in a -30° F garage all winter.

The guys at Sunset Honda did not know how to respond when I asked how far down the anti-freeze was good for. :p They think I am nuts, but as long as there is no ice or sand on the roads, I will ride. If I was going to go much farther than the 25 miles to work at 20°, I would probably look into some insulated riding gear.

I am kind of leaning towards the Kumho, mostly because the dual center rib looks like it should be fairly quiet, but yet shed a lot of water. The run flat also sounds like a real good deal. I have never had a problem with a tire on a bike, but that is just a matter of time I suspect.
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I have ridden my Kumho all winter long about 7k miles in temps as low as mid 20s. I have had no problems at all. The only thing i would think is you would not have the grip that you would have with a winter tire. But C/Ts have better grip than M/Ts anyway. Like others have said theres all kind of crap on the roads in winter so i only ride as far as i can see.
Kumho in cold

Rode the Kumho at 25-35 degrees so far with perfect handling
It probably doesn't stick as well in the cold.

When it gets really cold, I take it easier so I don't slip on something.
Just arrived home from a round trip to Portland,Oregon today 500 miles round trip. It rained !!!!! (Snowed in one area). But on the way home it stopped raining in Seattle NorthBound...The Surface streets were none slippery. The Kumho performed very well. I felt very very confident with it in the WET WEATHER at 65 to 75 MPH on the I-5 Freeway.
Enjoy a KUMHO:thumbup:
Hey Piper, our folks are in upper Wisconsin and we constantly pull their chain referring to their 11 1/2 months of winter and 2 weeks of bad snowmobiling!

I run the Kumho all year 'round summer-winter-whatever!
and I can honestly say from my own personal experience that
The Kumho is a great winter tire! In February I climbed the local mountain in the midst of a horrible storm and it performed flawlessly! Winter road conditions and temperatures have absolutely-positivley NO EFFECT on the Kumho. It is a veritable SUPER TIRE! :superman1:
I've ridden on my Kumho in the 20's, only when no precipitation expected! I don't do gravel roads, ice or snow. Slippery surfaces are my worst enemy so I avoid them. I really like my Kumho after 3,500mi thus far.
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