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Removed from my 2001 Wing when I bought it. Just never got used to shifting that method. I was encouraged to hold on to them in case I changed my mind and/or for possible later resale of the bike, but doubt either is happening-at least for the foreseeable future.
Chrome excellant shape, no wear on the rubber pads. I don't think they were installed very long before I bought the Wing. There are a couple slight scuff marks where the fasteners go into the bracket by the shift lever (see pics) and on the bottoms of each board on the small under bracket (not sure what that bracket is for other than to scrape the pavement and protect the boards ??) some scuffs from a lift or "excessive" leaning (again, see pics). Brake pedal included.
I believe this fits 2001-2017.
You may have to click on the thumbnail pic to get full size image due to the image file size limit. If you need/want any specific pic(s) send me a message and I can email or text that. I don't believe editing is allowed in this forum section.
$245 and shipping is included from northern MN to anywhere in the continental US.
I try to check for messages a couple times a day.


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