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Anyone else had problems with the screws on Kuryakyn's clamshell grips.

I tried to put a set on today and I couldn't get a single screw to go in any of the holes.

The instructions said they were 4-40 screws, so I get a 4-40 tap and run it in all the holes. They seemed to be fine.

The screws still wouldn't start in any of the holes. I measured the 4-40 tap and it was .108" in diameter. The screws mic. at .120" . I even tried to run a 4-40 chaser on the screws but I can't get that started on any of them.

I checked the screws with a thread pitch gauge and they are 40 threads per inch, but according to my Machinist's Handbook the screws are at least .012" too large.

I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem and I know a lot of people have these grips.

Tomorrow I'll take them to work where there is a better selection of tools and try a 4-40 nut on them. And I'll try a Greenfield tap instead of the Harbor Freight ones I have in my garage.

I'll also take tips on installation.........Seems really hard to squeeze then together enough to latch...............
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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