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My 2003 with only 24,000 miles needed updated turn indicators...the sort with mirror mounted lights. I know there are kits available that are basically plug-and-play, but they are about $250 and require you replace perfectly good mirrors.

My How-to here is to just purchase 6 light amber LED strips on Amazon or eBay for $9.00/set of two. They are sold and suggested for ground effect lights and come with pretty long, two wire leads. I just cut those leads down to about 8-12 inches, then spliced them directly into the in-mirror part of the turn signal wiring (about 1 inch before it joins the bulb socket). I allowed the extra length on the leads--which I wrapped around the inside of the mirror shell--so you can take out the mirror completely to change a burnt out bulb if needed. I wired them such that the feed wire to the LED strips originated at the inside bottom of the mirror shell, which allows full adjustment of the mirror but is barely visible. The LED light I got had 3M automotive tape and attached easily and firmly across the bottom of the mirrors. See 2 pics, attached.

You hardly know they are there until you signal, and then they are much more noticeable than the single OEM LED turn indicators on the meter panel. But more importantly, on multi-lane roads the LED strips are up higher where a car right next to you/just slightly behind, or in your blind spot can better see when you signal a lane change.

I think these are a BIG safety improvement for a bike that I'm hoping has many years of riding left in it. Thanks to J. MacLeod of St. Anthony, MN, for the idea.


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