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I took my 14 yr old daughter for a 5 day trip to louisiana last weekend. She showed me a few tricks along the way. Everytime she took a drink from her still cold cup the condensate from it will blow forward straight onto your neck. Nice cooling effect :cool:
Running down the slab making good time is apparently also nap inducing. I would generally let her nap until I saw by our shadow that she was getting way too comfortable back there. I don't mind her helmet bumping or riding on mine but when it started to slide to the side it was time for a wake up.
Prior to this trip she would talk big trash to her 15 yr old brother about how can you sleep on a bike. I would never do that yada yada. Lets just say she ate some crow on that one.

She learned that she actually likes Blues music as that is all we listened to once we got far enough south to pick up some good stations.

Running through Arkansas in the 100 degree sun I stopped and bought a beaded car seat cover. She looks at me like I am crazy and says that looks painful. Told her to trust me she will like it. ... Not 10 miles down the road she tells me. "These things are great, i like, i like a lot."

Then pulling a chapter from lessons learned from the LD riders on here I poured water down the sleeves of her jacket and around her neck. The look she gave me, well there is no doubt in my mind that she was thinking I was a crazy old man, what she said was "you're just screwing with me aren't ya." told her to trust me and that the air circulating through her jacket would help keep her cool. Skeptically she climbed back on the pillion and mounted her throne. About 5 miles down the road I can see she has her arms out bent at the elbow with the sleeve opening in the wind. About 30 minutes later I see her in the mirror tryig to pour more water down her sleeves. More blew back in her face than down the sleeve but she lauighed it off and kept pouring.

We made the 740 mile trip down in 14 hours and 10 minutes a couple hours short of the time I figured it would take with this being her first long distance trip and the fact that it was hot as hades.

The trip was about her getting to spend time with her pawpaw that she had not seen in about 4 years. We arrive at his house and get the initial hugs out of the way and like any other female she has to go "fix" herself.

As soon as she shuts the door the ole man says "damn son, that's not a girl, thats a woman." I guess pawpaw forgot that them cute little girls do grow up to be women:lol:

The next morning I am gearing up to go ride with some buddies and she says to me, "let me get this right, you ride all day yesterday so you can go ride all day with your friends?"
I said "yep"
She says "ummm I don't have to go right?"
"no baby girl, this trip is all about you getting to see your pawpaw and you get to stay with him."
Pawpaw chimes in that they will have more fun without me there anyway:thumbup:

I spent the day riding with a member on here Whitedevil and a buddy I met on the vtxoa site Twin1300. after putting a couple hundred miles on the scoots running along the bayous and canals in the area we headed to WD's camp for some fresh boiled crabs and a fish fry. All good by the way. After we ate good we broke out the jet skis. Let me just say that prior to this I din't really see the attraction of a jet ski. Hell you cant fish off of them and you cant ski behind them, why have em. I am happy to say that I was way wrong. Those things are a blast and just like a motorcycle when you lose power to the rear it will throw you, flying off one at 40 mph about 30 feet and hitting the water on your back hurts like ....hitting the pavement. I had a blast.

The rest of the two days there were spent between time with friends and time with the family. A good time all the way around.

Tuesday morning we get up early to start the trek home hitting the road at about 5. We had beautiful weather for riding for about half of the trip, the closer we got to Memphis the hotter it got. As the heat built I started makeing more frequent stops to let her resand stretch, without telling her why I was stopping. After about the third stop she asked me why we are stopping so much, when I told her why she looked me in the eye and said, "I'm already sweaty, my ass is wet I just want to go home."
I told her we could make it on one more gas stop if that's what she wanted to do. She pulls out her phone and looks at the time does the math and says, "so home at 6?, lets do it"

13 hours in the saddle to get the 740 miles home. All in all the Mistress racked up just under 1900 miles for the weekend and Daddy and the baby girl had a great weekend.

See you out there

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Good for you!

I've taken my two younger kids on trips when they were 15/16 years old. They were both great trips and memories to last at me a lifetime.
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