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Get the Excel model only. It weighs in at 255lbs., and has a nice size double bed. I would use high density foam as a matress and as for getting at your stuff when it is raining... it the greatest as all your stuff is protected by the roof. I sold the trailers for 3 years. Well built, light weight, pull like a dream...don't even know it's on behind you. Do not get the wide tires as it will hydroplane on you, narrow tires only.
It's hard to tell what options to get as I don't know what part of the country you live in, but here goes.
1)Awning is a great option if you are staying in one location for a period of time.(you can also drive the wing in it too!)

2)Get the roof bag instead of the tongue box.(people tend to over load the box making the tongue weight too heavy.) the bag can be put on and removed quickly and does not even have to be unpacked if you don't want too.( I kept lawn chairs, BBQ, table, just about anything that I wouldn't need to take out for a one night stay.) JMHO

3)I beleive they now have a box type thing that hangs down from the back part of the trailer, that might a good idea to carry tent poles and such.

4) If you what a trailer that can set up in 6 to 8 seconds, this is the trailer for you. IMHO

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