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Life Is Good-Once Again!!!!

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I am always looking for the silver lining in any negative environment and today's was this.

While filling up my Wing today I noticed the price of diesel fuel is finally back under the price of regular unleaded. My local ma&pa station had diesel priced at $1.75 and regular unleaded at $1.79.

Let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:excited:

Don Saenz
Sanger, TX
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Diesel is still about $0.15 higher here, but the price on diesel keeps dropping and gas keeps going up.
Diesel is still $2.09 here, but way lower than a few months ago. I can actually fill the work truck for under $100 now. Last summer it took over $200 to fill once a week.
N-Joy it while you(we) can !!!

I found it amazing that I can fill up my car for what it USED to cost me to fill up the Wing !!!
Regular is still $2.099 here. :frown:
Regular is still $2.099 here. :frown:

That's a deal. Over here it's $2.269 a gallon for the name brand stuff like Shell and Mobil.
Sucks to be you guys, we have to pay £1 a litre here, or about $5.79 per U.S gallon. :eek:
Sucks to be you guys, we have to pay £1 a litre here, or about $5.79 per U.S gallon. :eek:
...and over here is....?????
Sorry, over here is U.K we still have the Pound or G.B.P = £.
Not to drift the thread here, but I understand that the European trend (UK included) is to tax the heck out of gasoline and fund even more social spending with it. So, their excessive gas prices are tax-driven. US gov't is planning the same insanity. "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, tax it some more. If it stops, subsidize it!" :evil:

It would be interesting to see the cost per gallon (for an equal basis) of US and Euro fuels, with the tax burdens entirely removed to see how the actual production and distribution costs compare.
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