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OK, this may not be exactly a technical question, but here goes. I have just gotton off of a Vulcan Classic and onto my new '06 airbag. Love it! But now I am batteling something I never had to worry about on the Kaw. Lint! Seeme every rag, or paper towel, or whatever I try to use to wipe her down leaves lint EVERYWHERE. I suspect it is a combo of the lint and static on the plastic. Correct? It really shows up on the dark red.

What can I use that will not leave all this lint????

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Microfiber cloths are lint free....inexpensive and washable...can be found at Home depot, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond etc

They do not leave lint and do not scratch

Stay away from papertowels especially on pastic

Happy waxing and washing!
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