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I'm new to the forum (a riding buddy told me about it), and am hoping that someone can direct me to what we're looking for. I've been riding Wings for 21 yrs, and just got a cherry 2008. The bike has the very small OEM HONDA trunk rack on it. In case you want to see it, the rack is Honda part number 08L42-MCA-100.

My wife and I have looked everywhere on the net to find bags, and nothing fits. I can't remember all the sites we looked at, but there was tourmaster, honda, tourtech, givi, wingstuff, cyclegear, motorcycle superstore, kuryakyn, JC whitney, etc.

If any of you know the place to buy a very small bag that fits on this rack, I'd sure appreciate the lead. The rack is only about 8" deep, and 15" wide. I've seen such a small bag on other 1800's.

Thanks very much!
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