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I had a problem with the factory spoiler being to close to the luggage rack. The "dealer installed" rack was on the bike when I bought it. After ordering the spoiler, I found it almost touched the bottom of the rack.
I bought the common "star Washers from Chrome World, and went to my local Ace Hardware, where I found a whole selectiom of chrome bolts , washers, etc.
I purchased longer metric bolts for the luggage rack, and some chrome spacers with 1/4" bore and approx. 9/16' O.D. . The spacers were I think, around $2 ea. They are available in different lengths in 1/4" increments
I remounted the rack using star washers, put a small o-ring then a 3/4"spacer, another small o-ring, then the rack.
Now I have about an inch between the spoiler and rack. One note, I had to take a file to the bottom of the luggage rack legs in order to get the "perfect" angular alignment. Minor work. Also the spacers are approx. .030" larger in Diameter than the rack, just have to center them as you tighten them down.
Of course this was before the trunk rack spacer kit was available. But still was about $20 cheaper and kept me occupied one evening and spared me from having to watch "American Idol" with the bitter half. That alone made it worth it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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