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Maintenance Video Price Reduction (SALE ENDS FRIDAY!)

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I am having a Thanksgiving day sale on my videos, and have reduced the price on the web site as of now. The sale lasts until Dec 1.
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I'm with Bulldog, I though this was like Garmin and we would get free up dates via e-mail :wink: :wink:

Please let us know, I have a 07 and will need the update disks....
I will most likely offer significant discounts on the updates to all 06 and 07 owners that will essentially be selling them to you at costs, but I have not been able to figure out a good way to verify who really has an 06/07 or not. I guess it would just have to be on the honor system.

Well see how it goes...

Once this current sale is over and the updates are done, the base price will be going up. So this will be the last time they are offered at this price.
MotorSWATCop said:
FJR vid's?

C'mon Fred.
We'll see....
Just a reminder, sale ends on Friday.
Fred H. said:

To fix the left saddlebag on your 06 should be fairly easy. All you have to do is move the lime green cable holder back one notch where it is clamped on the release assy inside the trunk. Remove the screws holding the rear black panel in the trunk to expose the release mechanism. You can see the lime green (yellow?) cable stop holder at the right side of this photo. Move it so it is seated in the middle notch. You may have to pull somewhat hard to get it to pop out of the U shaped cut out in the metal bracket, but it will come out.

For some reason, in 05 and 06 they started seating this cable on the forward most notch in the lime green cable stop. It should be in the middle notch. This takes up the slack in the cable.
you're right, it is a quick and easy fix. Thanks for the instructions and pics.
dvd set

Fred just ordered my set. Sure hope it helps me do some of my own work on my 06. My guess is a couple of oil changes and it is payed for, but so is still gonna scream and holler at about my non mechanical ability.
Last chance. I will shut off the sale tonight.
A steal at three times the pice! One air filter change will more than cover the cost.
Last chance. I am taking the sale off line in an hour.
OK, I just placed my order and put the coupon code in the comments section. Can't wait to get started.
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