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I asked this question of Garmin and haven't received a reply yet, so I figured I'd ask here, where the help is much faster.

Can Mapsource be used on two computers? I have it loaded on my desktop and just bought a laptop for trips and wanted to load the software on it also. That way I can plan trips from home or on the road. Will the unlock code work for both computers?

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Yes. I got this from Garmin.

From Garmin:
You can re-install all of your software on your new PC. All you would need
to do is install, update the software, then When installing a locked version
of MapSource (City Navigator, City Select, Blue Charts or Fishing Hotspots)
to a second computer, or reinstalling to the same computer, you will not
need to go through the unlock wizard a second time. Start the installation
as you did the first time by placing disc number 1 in the CD ROM drive. This
should start the installation process, if not click on the start button then
on run, now browse the open box and select the setup file from CD ROM drive.
Once the install starts follow through until you get to the Unlock Wizard
screen and press cancel. The MapSource program is installed at this point,
double click on the MapSource icon on your desktop and start the program.

To enter your new unlock codes into MapSource, launch the MapSource program
by clicking on the globe with the red lines. Go to UTILITIES/UNLOCK MAPS or
press CTRL + U.

This will launch the Unlock Wizard. Press NEXT to bypass the Welcome
Screen. If you first want to verify what codes you currently have installed
go to the bottom half of the screen and select VIEW MY INSTALLED UNLOCK
CODES and press NEXT. This will bring up what you currently have installed.
To actually see the code, click on the name of the one you wish to view and
the PROPERTIES box will become available. Click on this and you can check
your code. You can also DELETE from here if the code is wrong or no longer

Press BACK and then select YES, I HAVE A 25 CHARACTER UNLOCK CODE from the
top of the window and press NEXT. Select I HAVE AN UNLOCK CERTIFICATE AND
I WILL TYPE IT IN and press NEXT. You can now enter your code.

The Wizard will now bring up a window referring to registration. Select
CLOSE. You are already registered and our system will not allow you to
register again. If you attempt to, you will get an error stating the
registration has already been used.
If you have any further questions, feel free to respond to this email or
call our technical support line.

Best Regards,
Michael Hinkle
Product Support Specialist
Garmin International
1200 E 151 St.
Olathe Ks, 66062
Fax 1-913-440-5488

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Thank you for your help, 2wings.

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In short, I don't think they're very concerned about the number of computers you put it on - just the number of GPS' (2) :wink:
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