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Had never heard of 'em, but found this at Fry's Electronics store, Fishers, Indiana (just outside Indianapolis). This one was open box resale, only $84.55 plus an extension cable for audio out to AUX connection in left fairing pocket.

I knew that mounting it would be a challenge, but I felt creative. The pics show what I did. Using "stuff" I already had to make the mount, and buying the spacer bushings and longer screws, plus the GPS, extension audio cable, and sales tax, I've got about $100 in the whole thing.

1) 1/8" X 1 1/2" strap metal, cut, shaped, drilled, painted. Some reflections make the paint look damaged. Used a pair of spacer bushings and longer screws, mounted it to the clutch lever clamp.
2) Part of the OEM mount installed. This is the piece that would normally fit onto the ball, making an adjustable ball and socket set-up. I modified it slightly so that I could tighten the nut on the back, holding it in place.
3) Front view of the same stage of assembly as number 2
4) Mounting bracket slides down onto the piece already mounted to the metal bracket and "clicks" into place.
5) GPS snapped into position, showing cable connections made. Top cable is audio out, lower cable is for power (12V from left fairing pocket). Lower connection is also for USB computer connection. There is also a micro SD slot in the left end. I ran the cables to the fairing pocket, routing them through the same opening as the headset connector cable (had to make a little more clearance). Lower left corner of the GPS shows a safety lanyard installed in case the GPS gets jolted out of the mount. I used an old camera wrist strap, drilled a small hole through the GPS molded frame.


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