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One of our fellow GL Forum members responded to my urgent cry for help regarding "Monkey Butt." I was intrigued with his idea and jumped on it with both feet. Here is his recommendation:
Purchase a seat cushion from Wal-Mart that has a jell pad inside the perforated cover. The cover zips so installation is a breeze. Perforation allows for air circulation.
Go to a tire store or a hardware store and buy one inner tube that is 4 inches in diameter and one inner tube that is 8 inches in diameter.
Remove the jell pad from the inside of the seat cushion. Place the 8 inch inner tube in the seat cover and then place the 4 inch inner tube inside the 8 inch tube.
Air both tubes a little dab, place the seat on your bike and test the feel. You may have to play with the air pressure until you find just the right fit. BINGO!
Although I haven’t made any significant trip yet, this arrangement feels terrific. I will let you know how my posterior fairs on my trip to Utah and back. I will also be wearing "Under Armor" shorts and textile pants, if I can find them.
By the way, anyone know where I can find the "Textile Pants?" Thanks.
PS: I spent a whopping $35.00 for this seat. The credit for this idea goes to Obi-Wan-Knobi. I am forever in his debt. Thanks, Obi.
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